My humblest apologies

Mischief. The dippy rabbit I mentioned.

I would like to apologise and explain my absolute slack lack of effort in blogging of late (I know, it’s a sin. Be consistent. I know the rules.) but I have a number of reasons.

No, wait.

Don’t go.

Just listen a minute… OK, they are pretty lame reasons, but I’ll tell you anyway.

Firstly, and try not to gag…I’m happy.

And we all know contentment is the enemy of invention.

Secondly, I work in a job where I look at a computer screen all day and I can’t bare to get my face back at the screen when I get home. My evenings of late have been spent with a glass of wine, in the garden watching Mischief, my pet rabbit run about with the same docile content look on her face as I have.

Yes, I told you, try not to gag. Or laugh.

OK, well maybe laugh. Scoff, if you will. I would.

However, it gets worse. Oh Yes. This happiness thing, as someone British, (and not just your average British malcontent, but one who actively enjoys ranting, complaining and getting on my high horse about all sorts of things, from the mundane to the politically and socially infuriating) has perplexed me.

I did the two bad things. I fell in love…heave, gag, vomit…and I like my job.

I’m so ashamed.

That’s probably the problem with politicians.

Not the love part, obviously, I assume that’s all for show to win votes in the main (have you watched Mitt Romney and the missus lately), but the content part.

They like power. They have it. They like money. The current crew has it in spades. And therefore fuck the rest of us.

That’s at home and abroad.

In fact that’s pretty much anywhere outside their own home.

Ah, hang on… maybe the writer’s block is lifting after all. This feels more comfy, now maybe just another glass of wine and a ponder. I mean this fuzzy cheerful nonsense can’t last, it wouldn’t be right.

It’s not natural. In summary, apologies again.

God, I’m as crap at apologies in writing as I am in person. Interesting.

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