Apologies in general.

Not posted anything for a long time.

By way of explanation (and in a very short summary) this will bring me from last post to present.

Broke up with the boyfriend. Spent many weeks very drunk. Went home to Lincolnshire for a wedding where I discovered (to my horror) all my old friends are engaged/married/settled with toddlers, and to add insult to injury, I was mistaken by the photographer for my little sisters mother. Booked comedy Dave and Dominic Byrne. Met Joss Stone, at work of all places. Decided I should be more mature and sensible. Changed my mind. Drank many a rum, bought a take away pizza, wrote about it on my blog.

There. Now I’m updated. I’ll make more effort soon.

It’s Friday night and I’m drunk and blogging. Break ups are no good for the social life/reputation/career.

More (and hopefully better) entries soon.


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