Bristol News – AsiaPop – Tasty Treats for Halloween Weekend!


Three ladies, one yummy, charitable mission!

Heads up food fans – Fill your belly with some tasty treats before the Halloween madness begins!

AsiaPop will be hitting Hamilton House, Bristol on the 27th October.

It’s a pop up cafe (yep, another one – thanks Stokes Croft, you feed Bristol well!) but with a difference. The girls who came up with the idea will be serving up street foods from three different parts of East Asia: Japan, China, Southeast Asia.

The menu consists of dishes deliciously inspired by the heritage and culinary talents of Asiapop’s founders: Ursula Hutchinson, Yoko Romita, and Sarah Khan.

Inspired by their travels around the continent and well loved family recipes, the entrepreneurial trio aim to provide a menu that encapsulates the true essence of East Asian street food culture.

Their culinary delights will consist of a mouth-watering mix of original and tasty little dishes along with authentic desserts and drinks from each country. Although this is a preview, I am in the happy position of having had the opportunity to sample their test menu – and it was blimmin’ good!

The other thing that makes this pop-up different is that it’s been arranged by the lovely ladies to help a good cause. You can relax in the knowledge that your full belly and well-spent cash will be helping street kids around the world. 15% of Asiapop’s sales will go to Child Hope - a charity that helps street children struggling with poverty.

Asiapop is inspired by the founder’s collective love of travel and the people they encountered on the way – It’s not just about food. Child Hope protects vulnerable children in regions that suffer from terrible poverty and inequality, not just in Asia, but all over the world.

So what better way to help some of those countries than by using one of the positive parts of their culture to raise both money and awareness? The organisers encourage you to  to mix and match dishes to your heart’s content for a singular food experience that the founders told me are sure “will evoke the feeling of enjoying food in the streets of Beijing, Kyoto, or Delhi”.

Follow @asiapopfood on Twitter and keep a hungry eye on their tweets for more info about what will be on the menu.

So whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply feeling peckish and want an experience  more interesting than your usual restaurant, stop by, chill out, and as always, there’ll be plenty of wicked and wonderful parties going on in Stokes Croft afterwards.

It’s going to be a Happy Halloween weekend!

Also, some duplicated content here, ahem – but you can also read my recommendation of Asia Pop in Bristol Bites Magazine!

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