Bristol News – Take a look at the weird and wonderful shortlist for Watershed’s £30,000 ‘Playable City’ Award!

Taken from ‘Hello Lamp post’ one of the projects shortlisted for the Playable City Award.

If you have an interest in interactive art and a playful side, then take a look at the shortlisted artists in Watershed’s Playable city award.

Having launched the £30,000 Playable City award in October, Watershed received 94 entries from 24 countries – a testament to the growing global recognition and international appeal of one of Bristol’s most pioneering cultural spaces.

The artists shortlisted each provide wonderfully varied and imaginative ideas on ways to make Bristol a playable space – ranging from 3D printing, to robots, to talking lamp posts!

All the suggestions are designed to really capture the imagination of Bristol’s residents and visitors, and to encourage them to get involved with and immerse themselves in the creativity and sense of fun that the project is designed to inspire.

Visitors are invited to explore, rearrange and interact with the proposed projects, and to look differently at city spaces they may see every day. The project is geared toward sparking involvement and interest from Bristol residents, and that is why Watershed is asking for your comments.

They would like to know which of the ideas and suggestions appeals to you and why.

What is it you would like to see happening in Bristol?

Clare Reddington, Director of the Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio and Chair of the Playable City Judging Panel says;

“I see this desire to reclaim public spaces in action in Watershed’s Café/bar, in the way that people make themselves at home here. How comfortable they are moving the chairs around, reconfiguring the space to fit their needs, playing with the infrastructure. This and brilliant examples of playfulness from around the world, have inspired us to launch the international Playable City Award.”

The judges will meet on Monday 14th January to decide the winner, who will receive £30,000 plus support in order to make their playful ideas a wonderful interactive reality on the streets of Bristol.

If you would like to learn more about the artists who have been shortlisted and their plans for the city, visit the site and leave Watershed your comments.

I’m really excited to see what will be chosen, and with interesting and innovative projects like the Playable City Award and Gromit Unleashed well underway, 2013 looks set to be a great year for Bristol in terms of art, interaction and cultural engagement – and of course, above all, fun!


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