Bristol News – Watershed Launches £30,000 international ‘Playable City Award’ – Fun!

Elephant at Igfest. Photo by Andrew Molyneux.

We all know that Bristol (us residents anyway, mind) is a city that refuses to grow up. From Zombie Walks to Urban Games  to Flash Mobs to celebrated Street Art, Bristol is a playful place.

Further than that, is it full of wonderful creative and artistic cultural events. For these reasons among many, Bristol has remained my favorite city.

In order to reward and celebrate the city’s dedicated willingness to remain playful and to encourage further open minded artistic experimentation Watershed, one of the most unique and forward thinking artistic spaces in the city (or in my opinion, anywhere) today launches the call for The Playable City Award.

Playable City is a £30,000 international award which aims to encourage and promote the city’s penchant for pushing creative boundaries. Watershed is encouraging applicants from all creative backgrounds and inclinations, wherever they are in the world, to apply for the opportunity to take over one of Bristol’s public spaces, before they go on to tour internationally.

According to Watershed’s press people, the idea of ‘a playful city’ is an aim to encourage “a city, where people, hospitality and openness are key”.

And where better to apply that inclusive sense of fun than Bristol!

The Playable City Award aims to give us all the permission to be playful in public, and with the many stresses and irritations of modern living, what could be bad about that?

Watershed’s Clare Reddington says;

“The award is being co-funded by a network of creative and technology companies from Bristol to champion the city as an international hub for cutting-edge creativity. This unusual approach to sponsorship and support typifies the collaborative nature of a city where companies find a networked and open approach leads to creativity and competitive advantage.”

The event is being sponsored by, among others Aardman Animations and IMDb with funding from the Arts Council England.

For more information about this event, and details of how to apply, visit, and keep your eyes and ears open for unexpected and creative fun around the city.


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