Watershed & the British Film Institute encourage young film makers

Image taken from the Watershed website

Bristol’s Watershed has done it again – flexing its artistic muscle and encouraging emerging talent and artistic flair in young people, this time in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI).

The BFI have announced today that Watershed is one of twenty-four film academy partners who will, from March 2013, run intensive masterclasses, practical workshops and live projects aimed at talented 16 – 19 year olds. Other partners include Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

The project will provide valuable experience to help them in their first steps toward working in the film industry. It aims to mentor and develop local creative talent by teaching them the skills necessary to become the next generation of local film industry professionals.

The screenings, workshops and projects will give budding film makers a complete and holistic knowledge of the world of film, from production to exhibition.

Always an organisation that can be counted on to strike while the iron is hot, Watershed have already confirmed an impressive line-up of industry leaders for involvement with the project including Bristol’s well-loved Aardman Animations, director and critic Mark Cousins and local-BAFTA winning filmmaker, Emma Lazenby.

They also have a great deal of support from distinguished and critically acclaimed industry fans including Bristol born Oscar® winner Iain Canning , producer of the King’s Speech and Shame who said;

“Watershed was central to my understanding of the history and possibilities of cinema and without it I wouldn’t have been inspired to produce the films that I have made.”

What better reference could they ask for!

Applications open on Fri December 7th, and the Watershed encourages any ‘talented, committed 16 – 19 year olds with a passion for film’ to apply.

Places are free, but are no doubt going to be in high demand.

Watershed’s Engagement Projects Producer, Hannah Higgson said;

“The Film Academy builds upon Watershed’s strong history of identifying, empowering and supporting local young talent. I’m looking forward to working in collaboration with Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, who will also be running an Academy, to help give the next generation of Iain Cannings the skills and experience they need to maybe one day collect an Oscar® themselves.”

So once again, congratulations to Bristol for continuing to prove itself as a hub of artistic and creative talent – a city that encourages emerging talent and repeatedly and open mindedly provides opportunities for young people.


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