Music Review – Desperation State: Yes Sir Boss EP Launch Party

Saturday May 7th heralded the release of Yes Sir Boss’ new EP with Joss Stone’s label, Stoned Records at the intimate venue Fiddlers in Bedminster, and the new tracks certainly didn’t disappoint.

Being a Bristolite myself, I’ve been a fan of Yes Sir Boss for a while. Within the first hour of the doors opening, the gig was sold out; not merely a testament to their fan base at home, but to their unique, catchy-without-being-tediously-irritating hooks, their always energetic and honest performances and their brilliantly unique sound.

The Bossers have a truly eclectic mix of influences, from Spaghetti Western inspired tense build ups, to wonderful Jazz phrasing and Funky Reggae beat energy. The gig was in full swing from the moment it kicked off. They are one of those rare modern bands whose appeal doesn’t lie simply in the front man, or in some killer hook, but in the fact that all the members bring something truly meaty to the musical table, and that blend of artistic flavours combined with the genuine feeling they bring to their performance is really something different.

There’s no limelight hogging here, just a band with proper old school panache. The nice thing about this lot is that there are so many bands who attempt to fuse genres, and all that occurs is a sort of loss of identity or continuity, but Yes Sir Boss have both the talent and the balls to pull it off. What could be a musical mess for a lesser band is turned into something bold and interesting – like a Jackson Pollock of the music world – vibrant and interesting, resulting in a gig that is fucking good fun!

The new EP, Desperation State consists of four tracks – a mix of previously released and new material – Not Guilty, Desperation State, Pretty Thing and Never Know – and is definitely well worth getting hold of. But I also stress that if you get the chance you should go and see them live. If you love good music, an electric atmosphere, and skanking till you can skank no more, then get tickets immediately. They are touring right now, and it was wicked seeing them in such a small venue, an opportunity which if my music magic ball serves me right, may well soon be a rare treat. The Bossers are going to be big.

Yes Sir Boss are;

Matthew Sellors – Guitar/Lead Vocals

Luke Potter – Guitar/Vocals

Tom First – Trumpet/Melodica/Piano/Vocals

Jehan Abdel-Malak – Soprano/Tenor & Alto Sax/Melodica/Piano/Vocals

Josh Stopford – Bass Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals

Reuben Nimmo – Drums

For upcoming gigs visit http:Yes Sir Boss Official Site

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