Five thoughts…


I have been thinking more than writing for the last few weeks. Which is probably a good thing. In fact, thinking, then writing would be the best thing, but I haven’t managed to pull the two together for a while. Anyway, rather than writing a huge long post, I thought I would just check in, with a few things I have been pondering this week; for your perusal, for you to ignore, or for you to offer some answers should you have any. So, here goes…

1. Do people settle down when they are nearing thirty because they have just about managed to understand themselves? By this I mean everyone you went out with before was an effort to understand yourself, but when you do, you don’t need to try out different parts of yourself, so therefore the next person you get with is, by default, the one?

2. Are geeks actually much nicer than most of the people you meet, you just didn’t notice them because they were in their bedroom coding or whatever? This may mean all your cynicism about humanity is ill founded, it’s just that you met the wrong people because they were the only people out and about.

3. Are there a million couples who don’t actually get on, and have had nothing to say to each other for ages, but they haven’t noticed yet because they both have laptops and IPhones to play with? As an addition, are there people who only have fun when they are telling someone about it on twitter or similar? Would it be fun if a stream of online friends couldn’t see it?

4. Are the people who seem conservative and responsible, and who the disorganised sorts who feel irresponsible imagine they are being judged by, actually just better at lying? I.e., some people tell their friends all the silly things they have done, and some of them keep it a well guarded secret because as long as the house looks nice, it doesn’t matter anyway. Are their secrets actually worse, but they are better at PR?

5. Do I overanalyse/stereotype everything too much?

So there’s your five thoughts for the day. Discuss.


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