Small Stories presents Bristol Festival of Literature Launch Party!


Small Stories presents: The Bristol Festival of Literature Launch Party Oct 17th, 8.00pm – late at Watershed Café Bar @smallstorybris  #BristolLitFest15 Can you hear the truth? The modern world is full of words. It’s hard to cut through the noise. From … Continue reading

Castles made of Sand – The practical value of IA & UX (and how to explain it to clients)


  I took on a project recently that I am pretty excited about. I’m working for a start-up company with some incredibly clever aerospace engineers who’ve invented a new type of torque coupling (see slides for an image!) which is … Continue reading

Review: The Paper Cinema (Puppet Fest)


Think back to when you were a small child, to a time when you could create exciting worlds of adventure and menace simply with your imagination. The earth was too big to contemplate, and so the tiny intricacies of your … Continue reading

Divisive politics are dangerous – why marching felt like the ‘right’ thing to do


On June 20th, I went on my first protest march – the People’s Assembly Anti Austerity March in London. I have previously blogged about my concerns about the conservative party in the UK under Cameron, mainly in terms of the … Continue reading

5 tips for success from aspirational young professionals who made it


Did you click that? I knew you would. That’s because I work in marketing. Marketers and PR people can and will try to sell you anything. Half the time, you won’t even notice. You’ll think you read or listened to whatever … Continue reading

Theatre review – Muscovado @Alma Tavern


An unflinchingly big topic for an unfeasibly small stage, it’s hard to do BurntOut Theatre’s Muscovado the justice it deserves in a short review. Playwright Matilda Ibini transports us to the sugar-cane plantations of Barbados during the dying throes of slavery, with the … Continue reading

Theatre Review – Under the Dark Moon @Bristol Old Vic


Sinister, tragic and hopeful in equal measure, Under the Dark Moon sees Bristol’s wonderfully creative Invisible Circus leading us on an adventure through our fears. Read more in Bristol 24/7…

Theatre Review – Vitomori @Alma Tavern


The latest dig at the ‘popular’ crowd from writer/producer Christopher Cutting, Vitomori tells the tale of a thousand-year-old vampire who has just discovered the power of social media. Read the full review here

Small Stories: The end. Or is it?


As some of you know, the little monthly short story event I was running with Sian Wadsworth, Small Stories came to an end in February. My co-host is unfortunately moving on to pastures new, and I took March off to … Continue reading

Review – Jean-Luc Picard & Me

Jean - Luc Picard and Me (1)

Review of the rather fab and very talented Ellen Waddell’s show at the Alma Tavern… Ever thought the Captain of the Enterprise was watching over you, giving you guidance? No. Thought not. Review for Guide2Bristol here, and interview with Ellen … Continue reading