Theatre Review – Vitomori @Alma Tavern


The latest dig at the ‘popular’ crowd from writer/producer Christopher Cutting, Vitomori tells the tale of a thousand-year-old vampire who has just discovered the power of social media. Read the full review here

Small Stories: The end. Or is it?


As some of you know, the little monthly short story event I was running with Sian Wadsworth, Small Stories came to an end in February. My co-host is unfortunately moving on to pastures new, and I took March off to … Continue reading

Review – Jean-Luc Picard & Me

Jean - Luc Picard and Me (1)

Review of the rather fab and very talented Ellen Waddell’s show at the Alma Tavern… Ever thought the Captain of the Enterprise was watching over you, giving you guidance? No. Thought not. Review for Guide2Bristol here, and interview with Ellen … Continue reading

An evening with Noel Fielding @Colston Hall – Review


Come with me now on a journey through time and space. The last time I saw Noel Fielding was 2008 at the hippodrome for the Mighty Boosh live tour. It was my last year at uni. The after party was … Continue reading

Sometimes I wonder


Sometimes I wonder what the hell I am doing. Usually at times like now, when I’m sitting on my own, staring at a screen, and watching the little line at the end of my sentence flashing, as if it’s asking … Continue reading

Zombie popularity may mean society is unhappy. But it doesn’t mean fans want to be the Zombies.


I read an article yesterday about the theory that zombie fads peak when society is unhappy. The researcher and writer of the piece is an American who is not a zombie fan herself. She is an English teacher who ‘can’t … Continue reading

So tell me again, how do you feel about what you do?


Hi, we’re A COMPANY, and we have a PASSION for EVERYTHING we do. No you don’t, you hyperbolic tit. No one has a passion for everything they do, especially not at work. Yes, your employees probably got into the area … Continue reading

Jazz festival.

I was halfway through my pint when he came into the bar. His movements seemed quite nervous, and he appeared to be looking for something. It was a sunny day and the bar was busy, the garden outside was full … Continue reading

Smoking Suffragettes & Secret Segmentation – The Invisible Power of Copy


From the early psychology of sales and ‘user testing’ in the 1920’s to how the user journey has progressed from subtlety of suggestion to a personalised experience, this talk looks at why content creators, marketers, front end and design need … Continue reading

The picnic basket’s lament


I’ve been asking myself some of the big questions lately. I think it’s because I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. Not that I have hands, but you know what I mean. I’ve just been thinking, wondering, what … Continue reading