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Welcome to Small Stories!

For anyone who has been to Small Stories before, we used to be a monthly event for local writers – but we’re aiming to say something different this time.

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has the opportunity to tell it. The most interesting stories tell the truth. But in a world of noise and distraction, where charity funding is cut and self-promotion and marketing are key, many important stories get drowned out.

That’s where Small Stories comes in.

We aim to give charities and the people they serve a voice. Our audiences can enjoy and evening of honest, interesting and important stories that may otherwise go unheard. The people who need to tell those stories get to have their say, and hard working charities who can help them get to spread their word – for free.

The new Small Stories events will raise funds and awareness for local charity and community organisations by giving them a bigger voice. The best stories are rooted in truth as well as imagination.

We’ve got a great line up for you, for a great cause.

For our first event, we’ll be working with The Harbour, a Bristol based free counselling service. We’d like to tell you a few tales about why talking, writing, and having a space where you can honestly share your thoughts, without judgement, makes all the difference.

Expect an evening of Spoken Word, Comedy, Short Stories, and Poetry – followed by an open Q&A about mental health.

That’s not all. There’ll be live music and immersive visuals to wind you down – and a Bristol-based street artist will be illustrating live on stage throughout our performances. The original art will be auctioned off to you, the audience, to raise funds for The Harbour.

We’re still in the planning stages, but if you’d like to be a part of something great, leave your email and we’ll send you all the details…

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