Bristol News – Gromit Unleashed! (And he’s going to be all over Bristol)

Who doesn’t love Wallace and Gromit? I’m going to say no one. What’s not to love!

From July 1st – Sept 7th 2013, that most lovable of mutts, Gromit will be unleashed all over Bristol. And from today, companies can get involved in this exciting and unique project by sponsoring a Gromit.

The wonderfully creative and charitable folks at Aardman Animations and  The Grand Appeal have been in cahoots again to raise money for treatment of sick children at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

From today, companies have the opportunity to ‘sponsor a Gromit’ – a 5 foot fiberglass sculpture of the nations favorite canine, which will be uniquely decorated by artists from around Bristol and further afield.

The Aardman team intend Gromit Unleashed to be an interactive art trail, complete with a phone app designed by Bristol web design agency Element 78 Solutions which means you can check in whenever you discover a Gromit in one of the many exciting and high profile Bristol locations.

Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park with some of the 60 Gromits that will be appearing around Bristol

Previous art trails in Bristol (for example the WOW! Gorillas trail last year) have attracted over one million visitors to the city, and have secured print media coverage with a value of around £3.5 Million.

The money raised from sponsorship of Gromit Unleashed will go towards supporting Bristol Children’s Hospital to provide life saving surgery and specialist paediatric healthcare for children all over the world.

Element78 have been charitably lending their creative design expertise and working with The Grand Appeal over the last year. Following the successful redevelopment and launch of the Grand Appeal site, and redesign of the Cots for Tots website they have taken on and supported the Gromit Unleashed project, designing two bespoke websites for the artists and corporate sponsors.

They will also be doing their bit and sponsoring a Gromit obviously – so keep a look out!

As well as the opportunity to raise brand profile, exposure, and to be affiliated with a well loved character that has 90% brand recognition in the UK, companies taking part will be doing something really amazing – helping save the lives of sick children.

Each Gromit will be positioned on a plinth with the company’s brand logo displayed prominently, as well as inclusion in the Trail Map, Appeal Auction Guide and Gromit Unleashed Website.

This is a great opportunity for companies wishing to get involved with the appeal, and yet another wonderful example of Bristol’s playful and charitable side.

As well as previous art trails, Bristol has also recently won involvement in artistic support projects such as Watershed’s launch of the £30,00 Playable City Award – it’s all going on in Bristol!

The city has a history of attracting attention for it’s creative pursuits and support of artistic experimentation, and Gromit will be a perfectly placed and welcome addition to a city with a great sense of fun and humour.

To get involved and to learn more about Gromit Unleashed, visit the site.

Also, please take the time to know more about The Grand Appeal and Cots for Tots Appeal and make a donation or get involved with fundraising events.

Cots for Tots, The Grand Appeal and Gromit Unleashed sites kindly designed by Element78 for The Grand Appeal.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing what the artists have in store. Let the hunt for Gromit commence!


Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal – Website Case Study

How could you not want to help out sick children and these friendly faces? Come on!

Written for Element 78 the wonderful company I work for who kindly built The Grand Appeal Website to help raise money for children with Cancer and their families.

Read The Grand Appeal Case Study Here and please feel free to donate and support the cause!

Bristol News – Liam Loves Life Fundraiser

Guide 2 Bristol article writen to raise awareness about the Liam Loves Life Event, Sat August 4th at Blue Mountain, Stokes Croft, Bristol Click to Read News Preview
By Natalie Burns

Bristol News – Liam Loves Life @ Blue Mountain Bristol – Sat 4th August

I wanted to write an event preview for a great night at Blue Mountain this weekend. The line-up is wicked, and I’m really looking forward to it.

It’s only £5 Entry and that’s 15 DJ’s and 12 MC’s…

However, before that I want to explain a bit about why the night has been put on, and about the woman, Laura, who has been tirelessly and amazingly working to put this event (and many other events around Bristol) together.

Laura’s son Liam was unexpectedly diagnosed with Freidriech’s Ataxia a few short months ago.

Laura Rice is a good friend of mine, and an amazing woman and wonderful mother to three. We met working in a slightly dodgy pub in Fishponds – my first job in Bristol – so it was great to meet a friendly face! We have worked together in various other pubs since. She is a hard worker, and one of the most caring people I know.

This February, her son Liam was diagnosed with a rare inherited disease caused by a defective or mutated gene, causing damage to the nervous system.

Freidriech’s Ataxia is hereditary, but the chances of an individual being affected are tiny (about 1 in 50,000) as in order to contract the disease both partners must unknowingly have the same defective gene. Neither parent is affected by the disease, they are simply carriers. Even in the rare case of both parents having the defective gene, there is only a 1 in 4 chance of the child being affected.

Freidriech’s Ataxia initially leads to impaired muscle coordination, impaired sensory function and eventually to loss of feeling and reflex, heart problems, scoliosis, and the slowing and slurring of speech.

The disease does not affect the cognitive functions, i.e., the sufferer’s thinking is not impaired, but they can be left totally incapacitated.

There is currently no known cure for the disease, however advanced research and understanding of genetics is leading to breakthroughs in treatment.

The life of the sufferer can however be vastly improved in various ways. Clinical trials, physical therapy, braces and surgery on the spine and feet, speech therapy and medication that treats heart disease and diabetes (which is a common complication of the disease) can all help to extend a functional life.

Liam is ten years old, and without raising money for these treatments, as well as enabling his family to support him and make life as comfortable as they can, he may be wheelchair-bound within ten years.

Laura and her husband Matt (with help from many of their friends, and despite the recent and obviously devastating news) have been concentrating on the organisation of events and working tirelessly to raise both awareness and money for the condition.

The biggest event so far is being held on Saturday August 4th at Blue Mountain Bristol. All the DJ’s, MC’s and the venue have kindly donated their time, talent and effort for free, and as I said, the night looks great.

All you have to do is come down, have a wicked night, and chuck some money in the collection. What could be easier than that?!

So…now I’ve done the explaining, let’s tell you about the night!

Liam Loves Life Fundraiser, Sat 4th Aug @ Blue Mountain

Tickets £5 from Bristol Ticket Shop

Jungle, Drum n Bass, Oldskool, Hardcore headlined by Nicky Blackmarket & Joey Riot


Kickback & Vinyljunkie/Chris Fear/Rusher & Fox/Ineffect/Dyson & Chewy/DJ Probe to name just a few…

As well as twelve MC’s.

That’s a lot of good stuff for £5, and it really is for a good cause.<p

Tickets available at Bristol Ticket Shop