Theatre Review – Under the Dark Moon @Bristol Old Vic


Sinister, tragic and hopeful in equal measure, Under the Dark Moon sees Bristol’s wonderfully creative Invisible Circus leading us on an adventure through our fears.

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Theatre Review – Vitomori @Alma Tavern


The latest dig at the ‘popular’ crowd from writer/producer Christopher Cutting, Vitomori tells the tale of a thousand-year-old vampire who has just discovered the power of social media.

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Review – Jean-Luc Picard & Me

Jean - Luc Picard and Me (1)

Review of the rather fab and very talented Ellen Waddell’s show at the Alma Tavern… Ever thought the Captain of the Enterprise was watching over you, giving you guidance?

No. Thought not.

Review for Guide2Bristol here, and interview with Ellen about why on earth she came up with such a unique topic!

The Ted Bundy Project – Review

210514143024--The Ted Bundy Project at Mayfest Bristol review

“Don’t expect to settle in comfortably for Greg Wohead’s thought provoking and deeply disturbing one man show, The Ted Bundy Project. Expect to be a little scared – not of serial killers as you would probably expect, but of something much more threatening and personal”.

Genuinely unsettling and highly recommended, read my review in Guide2Bristol here

The Dance of The Magnetic Ballerina – Review


“Mesmerising and in parts unsettling, unique one woman performance ‘The Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina’ immediately plunges you into darkness with only the tinkling of a music box for company”.

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Under the Dark Moon – The Invisible Circus Review

050414164354--Invisible Circus Under the Dark Moon at Bristol Old Vic theatre review

Macabre, melancholy and magically entertaining… Roll up, roll up as The Invisible Circus takes you on a journey through your fears

In their typically unique style, Under the Dark Moon is an equally sinister and optimistic performance that tells the fears of five tortured souls and playfully mocks the awful hold self-doubt can have over your life if you let it.

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Bristol Theatre Review: Trash Cuisine

Trash Cusine

Review of Trash Cuisine by the critically acclaimed Belarus Free Theatre which is playing now as Part of Mayfest Bristol: A unique look at torture, mortality and the bleak truth about capital punishment. Read my review in Strawberry Line Times here.


Launch of Eat Drink Bristol Fashion – Queens Sqaure

bristol fashion

Last night I attended the launch of Eat Drink Bristol Fashion’s sustainable culinary pop up in Queen’s Square – and will no doubt be heading back for more!

Open to the public from today until May 27th, organisers Josh Eggleton, (Chef and Owner of The Pony & Trap, Chew Magna) and Luke Hasell, (Organic farmer and owner of Tipi Events) will be serving up a tantalising selection of tasty treats and very fine wines from the attractive tipi village in the square.

Kitted out with twinkling fairy lights and winding vines, the venue is cosy and welcoming – perfect for a casual meal with friends. They will be serving ‘British Tapas’, i.e., small dishes of organic, sustainably sourced and beautifully cooked food perfect for sharing in the sociable atmosphere of the pop up dining village. Having tasted a small selection of the menu at the launch, I can highly recommend the creative culinary skills on offer. Last night’s sample menu included sticky ribs so tender they fall right off the bone, perfectly cooked asparagus served with a beautiful saffron infused garlic & lemon mayonnaise, organic cold meats and freshly cut chunky chips with a curry sauce that would make even the best chippies blush accompanied, of course, by a really rather nice rioja.

If you are a fan of really great food, pop down and check it out. Not only will you get a belly full of good stuff in a wonderfully unique venue, but you’ll be supporting local farmers and producers, and can also spend your Bristol pounds. A full belly and a clear conscience – what could be better than that?

For more information on the event – and to view the menu, visit the website.

Eat Drink Bristol Fashion will be in Queens Square from the 13th – 27th May

dave fashion


Theatre Review: Ours was the Fen Country at Bristol Old Vic


As a lass that grew up in Lincolnshire in fen country I was pretty intrigued by this one. Bleak, flat, unpretentious and unflinchingly honest, Ours was the Fen Country captures the weird and wise nature of a lifestyle and industry close to being forgotten. Read my review here.

And by the way, the top pic is the official poster for the play, the photo below is taken by me of Billinghay, Lincolnshire, where I grew up. Enjoy!



Interview – Yes Sir Boss & Joss Stone; The New Single – Mrs #1

vid 2

Right to left: Tom First, Joss Stone & Matt Sellors at the video shoot for new single Mrs #1

At the end of last month I got an invite from one of my favorite Bristol based bands, Yes Sir Boss, to be part of making the video for their new single, Mrs #1 in a small pub in Easton. The new track started life as an EP when the Yes Sir Boss boys signed to Joss Stone’s label, Stone’d Records in May last year. After the release party for the EP I wrote an article saying the boys were going to make it big – and was pleased to see that now they are on the road to bigger things, they haven’t lost their original feel, and while the catchy hooks are as they ever were, very present, they still have a sense of fun that makes them playful and interesting.

Yes Sir Boss had previously recorded Mrs #1 for the album with no intention of it becoming a duet.  The idea arose after they arranged to do a gig with Stone in Holland where Joss was to perform one of their songs, and where they agreed to sing a couple of hers. However, the impromptu performance sounded so good, they immediately decided to record it as a single. Another track ‘Not Guilty’ had a  soft release last year, and trumpet player Tom First explained that Mrs #1 intended to be a more mainstream offering.

The band formed eight years ago when at University in Dartington, and bass payer Josh Stopford met Joss when they were kids in Devon. Tom explained that keeping the band together had been a struggle – music being such an unreliable career choice – and spoke about why they made the decision to collaborate with Joss for their first big single release.

The main reason, he told me, was his belief that the UK music industry has become increasingly cynical and susceptible to marketing.

‘Radio producers have become scared, and lack the courage to take a risk. No one takes a chance unless they know it will pay off’.

This was a large part of the band’s decision that after eight years producing music on their own, that they would collaborate with Miss Stone. Stone has been a fan of the band for some time, with her support for their music obvious in her decision to sign them to her label, investing her own money in their success.


He also spoke about the fickle nature of the British media, whose current bad reputation makes him wary. ‘The press in the UK can make or break you, or at least make things very difficult. Joss is incredibly popular in Europe and the US, but when she first started out, she was slated by the British papers. She was only about twenty and had been touring in the US and they trashed her for picking up a slight US accent. I think the British attitude can often be negative towards other people’s success, and the industry can be a very cynical place’.

It is this attitude to marketing and the way the industry works drove some of the thinking behind the new release.

‘The new single is meant to be fun. Like any other band, we need to get our name out there and get noticed. We wanted the video to be low key though – we still want to look and sound like us. I love the song, and it was really good fun to make, but it wasn’t intended as anything profound. It’s just fun to dance to!’

This is what I love best about the Bossers – they are unabashedly honest, and it shows in their music. They have just returned from a tour of Germany, and Tom says the tour has injected fresh energy into the band.

‘We played much longer sets on the Germany tour than we do in the UK, which gave us a whole different set up, and more room to be creative. It was brilliant playing where the real focus was just on the music, rather than the marketing. Britain is so saturated with bands – most people here wouldn’t go to a gig unless it was someone they had heard of. People are skint, and they don’t want to spend the cash unless they already know what they’re getting. In Germany the scene is different – the gigs were packed, but it wasn’t people who had heard of us, just people who came because they love music’.

‘We need to reach a wider audience – the live scene is amazing, but you need to get aired and that is what we are hoping to do with this single! Joss has been coming to our gigs for years, so it’s been really great working with her. It’s such an honour to record a track with such a fantastic singer who has performed with some of the greatest musicians of all time such as Solomon Burke, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger and many more’.

That’s the great thing about the Bossers. Despite working with such a big name, there is no hint of arrogance to this band, and there is an honest sense of humour and a self-deprecating nature to them. Tom was quick to admit that the single is their biggest opportunity yet and is very excited about the prospect, but is prepared that it may not mean fame and fortune.

‘If it doesn’t work out as planned that’s fine, we’ll just have to wait and see. Not sure what we’ll all do if we aren’t in the band anymore though, we’ve been doing it for so long now!’

The video was filmed at The Plough in Easton, Bristol – a typically low key venue on a Tuesday night. The extras, myself included, were treated to a free shot on the door, and the whole atmosphere of the shoot was just a bunch of fans having a few drinks and watching an intimate gig. There was no sense of enforced fun for the cameras. No one was told to stand or do anything in particular, and there was no proper rehersal Just a warm up set including a few songs by Yes Sir Boss, (including a wicked cover of The Cure’s ‘Close To Me’) and some beautiful singing from Joss Stone, whose live vocals were truly striking. There was also a quick run through of how the video would be shot, mainly to prepare the crowd for front man Matt Sellors’ crowd surfing in a very small space, so he didn’t fall on his ass during the final take.

By the time the shoot began, everyone was suitably hyped up and in the kind of good mood you get when you go to see any great band, and the performance was great. Joss Stone and Matt Sellors goal collaboration sounded great, and despite her and Matt owning the stage for the performance the band and backing were flawless and full of energy as ever.

There’s a tongue in cheek mischief to Yes Sir Boss – a sense of being irritatilgy catchy but knowing it, combined with a genuine talent and passion for the music and the fun of it that make them something unique. It’s an honest sense of fun that is so lacking in main stream music. Accessible to all, but independently and intriguingly rough edged, combined with that typically Bristol sound – ska trumpets and a nod to gypsy – that shows their roots. The new single is full of that same style, offset by Joss’s soulful voice and makes this track one that is bound to attract attention on release.

I urge you to check the rest of the album out. Although the label, and the collaboration with Miss Stone is bound to earn this track publicity, the band has staying power. I’ve always thought so, and this first dip into the mainstream has not changed my mind. They are what they have always been. And that is bloody good fun.

The single is out on April 15th, and Yes Sir Boss will be playing at Thekla on April 27th.

mrs #1